The overall operation of the company IATRIKI PISTI SA is governed by the principles reflected in the Quality Management System, as formulated by the requirements of the international standard of quality systems ISO 9001:2015 and the relevant legislative and regulatory framework.


The basic philosophy and objective of the Company, through the implementation of the quality system, is the satisfaction of the needs of the patients and patients who are served and/or are to be served by our polyclinic.


The specific objective of the Quality System is:


To serve and satisfy the agreed requirements of the people who choose us and the legislation, throughout the duration of the cooperation.


The achievement of the above is determined through the key processes of the Quality System, which define actions such as:


  • Systematic monitoring of the effectiveness of the system, through annual reviews by the Board of Directors, internal audits, etc.
  • The clear identification of the requirements of people who choose us.
  • Continuous monitoring of the performance of suppliers.
  • Continuous training and education of staff.
  • The documented and continuous monitoring and measurement of customer satisfaction.
  • Ensuring the necessary resources (human, material and financial) for its effective operation.
  • The documented search for the causes of problems and weaknesses, in order to determine and implement the necessary corrective and/or preventive actions, in order to avoid their recurrence.

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