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Allergy Department for Children and Adults
Skin Allergy Tests

Modern personalized allergy, allergic asthma and immunology treatments by a specialized allergist.

Allergy for Children and Adults
SIEMENS ALTEA MAGNETIC RESONANCE Imaging Scanner 1,5 T wide bore Open Type

New MRI Scanner

In our Polyclinic, faithful to our vision for continuous upgrading and provision of high quality medical services, we installed a new latest generation SIEMENS ALTEA 1.5 T open type MRI scanner.



Medical Faith, with a focus on People and ensuring the highest level of primary health services for 30 years, has been pioneering and continuously strengthening its services, both in terms of infrastructure and organization.
At the same time, it ensures its harmonization with the technological development in the field of medical science, making it a point of reference in the wider region and throughout Attica.

Covid-19 Test

Covid-19 Test

A coronavirus test is performed for the detection and identification of the SARS-CoV-2 virus with a Molecular Method RT-PCR and a Rapid Antigen Test (Rapid Test) by our specialized staff, in a specially designed area. Contact us for more information or to take the test.

Iatriki Pisti Derma

Iatriki Pisti Derma

Top beauty services, from specialized doctors and staff.

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Preventive Andrological Screening

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